2PlusBeautyThis is one of the most typed by Internet issues in 2014 in the beauty category, according to the recently established track by Google. Behind acne, dark circles , stretch marks and the long list of tips and tricks more or less effective to overcome, many (her) thus corresponds to scratch the head on this thorny subject. Seriously, I thought well I can share with you my method, especially because it is simpler we can not (and economic).
The gear :
-A Mild soap -to preserve the softness and flexibility of hair
-Some Of paper towels
Once a week or so, my most used brushes, especially those who serve me to apply powder and / or foundation are entitled to a bath, hygiene issue - I will not insult you draw dead cells and other bacteria that accumulate. To do this, I gently rubbed each brush on a bar of soap under running warm water net, until it foam. Then I rinse until the water runs clear.
It only remains to dry the brushes, proceeding by light pressure with your fingers; always in the direction of hair growth to avoid deforming them. I leave them to dry flat on a few sheets of paper towel all. In general, I can reuse them without problems the next day.
I know there are professional products for cleaning this type of accessories, as well as so-called protective cases brush guards that can leave brushes to dry upside down, in a glass or pot particular avoid -It moisture stagnates. I can not comment on these products, I have never used them but I know that many bloggers are delighted .
Obviously, I manage to clean immediately after use brushes the most "dirty", those who serve me asking shadows and other dark pigments and / or colorful on the eyes and lips.
If you have tips or recommendations of other products to wash your brushes, please let me know in the comments, I am taking of any good practical advice!